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Information we collect

We ask for information that is relevant to the purpose for which it is required. Whether you wish to divulge any of your personal details or not is up to you. Some services that we offer may not be available if you do not provide the information requested.
Your personal information may be requested in the below mentioned scenarios:

Whenever you:

  • Make a purchase or reserve a product with us.
  • Submit a product enquiry to us.
  • Provide us with feedback about our web site.
  • Request a brochure from us.
  • Register to receive emails about our products and special offers.
  • Take part in one of our online surveys.
  • Apply for a job.

Why we need your information?

  • To keep in touch with you
  • To collect data like domain names, e-mail addresses, IP addresses, etc. in order to analyze usage trends and interests from a particular region or country.
  • To keep you updated on our product and services.
  • To provide you effective customer services.
  • To help prevent any illegal and unauthorized use of the website.

How we use this information

  • Booking requests

    The user is required to submit personal information while booking for any of our product and services. The information submitted is used to process the booking request. You can expect a follow up through a phone call or an e-mail. The confirmation of the booking will be made via phone call or an e-mail too.

    The information may be passed along to the third parties as necessary for your request to be processed and to provide the services requested by you. These third parties may or may not be locate in UK.

  • Product enquiries

    On submitting an enquiry for our product and surveys through one of the forms on our website, the information collected will be used to generate a quotation for you. The user can expect an e-mail or a phone call as a follow up regarding the enquiry.

  • Feedback and surveys

    The feedback submitted by you on our website is greatly appreciated. It helps in reviewing our services and helps us improve ourselves. The information submitted along with your feedback will be used only when we want to contact you to discuss the feedback further.

    If you have volunteered to participate in a survey on our website, the information collected will only be used for statistical purposes. Your personal information will remain hidden and inaccessible to the results of any survey.

  • Brochure requests

    The information submitted by you for brochure request is forwarded and handled by a third party, Dawson Holdings Plc. They take sole responsibility in keeping your information safe and use it only to send you brochure.

  • Job applications

    The details you shared when you responded to a job advertisement will be kept private. They will be used only for recruitment purposes. You may be contacted via phone or e-mail regarding the job application, if selected.

Product and special offer emails

Travel Unravel occasionally send e-mails notifying our users and customers about the latest exciting offers, contests, updates, etc. regarding our services and products. You can un-subscribe from receiving such e-mails by clicking on the un-subscribe link.

Is your information secure?

The details you share with us will not be shared with any third parties. Great care is taken in ensuring that any personal information you provided is kept secure and held safely. The information you submit will only be used for the purposes described in this privacy policy.

Links to other websites

Throughout our web site, several links to related websites are provided. These are added here for your convenience. The content provided by these third party websites are not the responsibility of Travel Unravel. You should also be aware that these websites will not adhere to our privacy policy. We encourage you to carefully read through their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if you wish to continue accessing the third party websites.

Feedback, comments and suggestions

We value what you have to say. If you have

  • any question regarding our products and services,
  • a new suggestion regarding our services,
  • any complaints or compliments to submit,
  • any question about this Privacy Policy.

Feel free to write to us. Our e-mail: info@travelunravel.com

Policy Change

This Privacy Policy was revised and posted on May 30, 2016. The Travel Unravel has the right to change the privacy policy at any point of time without prior notice. The Privacy Policy at the time of your registering with us will remain in effect.

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