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Terms & Conditions



These terms and conditions are according to the reservation made on via our website or Contact Centre, and our Corporate Office on the Rear Ground Floor of Hygeia Building, 66-68 College Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA1 1BE. Please go through them to clarify our commitments and your rights. In the below-mentioned document, any mentions of “us" and "we" is assigned to (the booking organisation) and "your" and "you" are assigned to the primary individual in whose name the booking is made. When you use our website the below-mentioned terms and conditions apply. If you have any issues with any of the terms of this document, you are advised to not further go on this website.

We go as the given figures: A online travel agency helping you to book your travel-related action including your flight, accommodation, packages and any other travel-related services. Our duties towards you are as per the travel query you have raised to us. We do our best to clear out our terms of use below.


Booking Your Travel Arrangements

Each service offered by us is subject to availability. Our airfares are not guaranteed up till they are ticketed. As you make a reservation with us, you should confirm that you approve, acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions for your and other travellers, moreover, you are also responsible for additional payments for every traveller of your booking for whom you are making the reservations. Similarly, please note that you are liable for the accuracy of the details you share with us and for the data provided to us about every individual from your booking. While booking, make the payments and then only the booking is confirmed. If the booking is acknowledged by us, it means we have received full payment through a specific mode and confirmation receipt is accepted by you in the name of Please ensure the names you give us are as mentioned in the traveller's passport.

When Booking Online:

When you book an online with us, you submit all mandatory information about you and all the travellers on the booking. You are responsible to ensure the details of all the travellers on the booking are accurate and complete. With that, the accuracy of the booking components, including the airline, flight timings, and flight itinerary is correct. Please note that we have no responsibility for the accuracy of any information you shared or how it is entered on the website. You must know that if any discrepancies arise, you may be required to pay an additional charge to fix them. While using the credit card to make the payment, please guarantee that it’s in your name or you have the authority to use it on the behalf of a third party. Your bank account or credit card should have the required amount of money to meet the booking charges of the tickets and service charges. When we get your booking details and confirmed payment, our team acknowledges it and processes your booking. Aft er this, a booking confirmation email including the receipt of the amount is sent to the email address you share with us. Once your booking is complete, we share the e-tickets with you.

When Booking through a Telephone:

o make any booking with us by phone, you should provide all the important details to us, according to the requirements. The details you share with us should match your passport. The phone booking is the same as a booking made in person. We do not confirm any booking till we receive the payment and a confirmation from your end to process your booking. Aft er we acknowledge your request, the procedure to confirm your booking will start and we will charge your credit/debit card to complete the booking. Aft er this, a confirmation email including your payment receipt is shared on your email address. Once confirmed, any cancellation made by you is chargeable. You must be very careful and check all the details and get in touch with us in case of any disparity, as it may be difficult for us to make changes at a later stage. Whatever changes are required in the booking aft er it is confirmed, you are required to pay extra service charges for processing the change.


The amount due from your end must be paid to before the specified date on the payment receipt (sent through email) from our end. Please note for telephonic bookings, you might be required to make the payment even before you receive the confirmation invoice from us. You must pay on time as failing to do so might result in the cancellation of your bookings and you become liable to pay the cancellation charges. If an additional "booking charge" is being levied, our agents convey it to you while booking.

Information Protection Policy

We utilise the data that you provide us with. To know more, please read our Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Passports, Visa & Health Requirements

You must check the visa, passport, and the government authorised ID are in place to ensure that your travel is comfortable.

Visa & Passport

Whatever data you require regarding your travel permit and visa, reach out to the applicable embassy for requirements. It is mandatory as the requirements may change with no prior notice and you should be updated with the latest details before departure. Please note that we are not liable if your entry is declined into any country or flight due absence of important documents required by the destination country, airline or any other authority. You must carry your passport with at least six months of validity past your return date. Make sure that you are carrying your passport, and health and visa-related documents for the countries you are visiting including the transit ones. If it is your passport’s final year you must check with the concerned country’s Embassy or visit the passport office at the earliest. All travellers going to the USA should have machine-readable passports and adhere to any other special conditions of the States. Individuals visiting South Africa with children under 18 years should carry the full unabridged birth certificate of their child/children. Please check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for any updates in the entry procedure and date accuracy for the destination country. You can visit for this.

Health & Well-being

Before your flight, contact your doctor for any updates on travel-related recommendations as per your destination country. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), you need to consult a health expert 4-6 weeks before your travel to check for any vaccination or other health measures to consider. In case you do not comply with the necessities regarding visa, passport, health formalities or any immigration needs, Travel Unravel cannot be held responsible for any travel-related misfortune, damage or harm. You are supposed to repay us if we incur any loss due to your negligence regarding visas, passports, immigration or health formalities.

Special Requests & Medical Problems:

For any special requests or medical issues, you must inform us while booking your travel. We inform the supplier about your requirements but we can't ensure that the requirements will be provided by the supplier. Note that the supplier's inability to meet your requirements will not be considered a breach of contract/agreement from us. If you experience any health issue that may delay or cause an issue in your travel, you must let us know about the same before submitting the details necessary for booking. It is disappointing that in today’s time, most countries are not equipped to provide these basic requirements for handicapped travellers. If we cannot provide you with the desired medical requirements, we have the right to cancel or decline your booking/travel arrangement and you will be liable to pay cancellation charges.

Force Majeure:

You will neither be paid any compensation nor can hold us responsible for changing or cancelling any travel arrangements due to a force majeure that is beyond your control. These conditions may include a common struggle, war or risk of war, fear-based oppressor action, any kind of issues with the aviation authority, climatic conditions, atomic or catastrophic events, unavoidable issues in relation with the transport, pandemics and plagues, conclusion or clog of ports or air terminals and any other activities that may be beyond our or the concerned supplier's control.


As mentioned in the agreement, you may be required to have travel insurance for your travel. The insurance must cover any unexpected changes to your vacation, retraction charges, repatriation and restoring costs that may involve medical mishaps and an air ambulance. You must submit all the policies and details of the insurance as a signed copy on behalf of each traveller travelling with you to our travel agents.

Phone Calls:

All the phone calls made for the booking are recorded for the changes and enhancement purpose. We review the calls to offer you an ideal customer service.

Claims & Complaints

Being a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA No. U8550) our travel agency gives you 100% financial protection. Your money is secured in the trust account and receives a guaranteed return by the TTA. Travel Trust Association protects you in the unlikely event of a member company becoming insolvent during your travel. Every member of TTA will deposit the money paid by you into a Trust Account. The Account is designated to hold the customer's money. The money stays in the Trust Account and is looked aft er by an appointed trustee who may be a banker, chartered or certified accountant or solicitor. TTA members and the trustees are needed to authorise payments through the trust accounts.

With this, you have a financial guarantee from the TTA. They have a financial obligation to their members up to a maximum of any one passenger £11,000. So, if you paid £2,000 we guarantee we will reimburse the loss of the £2,000 where it is not available for you from the Trust Account.

Financial protection:

We offer security for flights and packages by ATOL through our ATOL License (number 7458) by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Whenever you book a trip with us, the ticket issuance is not instant as your flight is ATOL protected. When you buy an ATOL-protected flight or package it includes an ATOL Certificate stating what is secured financially, where you can get all the information regarding how this is gainful for you and who to get in touch with if things don't go according to you. For more information, visit the ATOL site Note some of the holidays/ services provided by us are not covered under the insurance of the ATOL Scheme.

Note: ATOL security is only applicable to its customers who book and make the booking payment in the UK region.

We or the providers of the ATOL Certificate can offer you a refund. In a circumstance where neither supplier nor we can do such because of a reason due to bankruptcy, a replacement ATOL holder may offer you benefits chosen by you without paying any additional expenses. You should go ahead with the arrangements of the substitute ATOL holder and the amount refunded by them. In case we or the service provider on our ATOL authentication can't give you the services (or a substitute, through an option ATOL holder then the consequences will be severe) because of any reasons under bankruptcy, the Air Travel Trustees may offer you the instalment under the ATOL Scheme. You can claim your instalment from the Trustees, claims which you hold or may need to show up the reason for the non-arrangement of the services, containing your booking details.

Conditions of the Suppliers:

Services offered by us to make your holiday ideal are delivered by third-party organisations, and the terms and conditions in the agreement apply to us or the service provider. If any issues of the International Convention, the terms of use that are applicable limit the liability of the service provider towards any damages or losses suffered by you. To get a copy of the terms and conditions, you may contact the service provider or us.


The contract is usually under the administration of English Law, and if any disparity arises between the two parties, it will lie under the locale of England's courts. You can pick up the purview of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Flights & Travel Documents:

You must confirm that the flight you are booking is "direct" and not non-stop. The landing and take-off timings on the flight ticket are approximate estimates given by the concerned airline. It can change according to climatic conditions, aviation authority policies, and operational necessities. If you fail to reach the airport on time, we will not make any changes to your booking, and it is at the sole discretion of the airline company to allow you on the flight. Your child must be under 2 years on the date of your arrival, and the airfare charged for the child is 10% of the total ticket cost as decided by IATA. If any part of the booking isn't availed without informing the airlines, the return part of the booking may get cancelled with no refund or prior information. If such a situation arises, we will not be responsible for the amount charged or cancellation changes.

Reconfirming all Flights

To know about any changes in the flight schedule, you must contact the airlines or our travel agent 72 hours before the departure time on the ticket. It is applicable on both - return flights as well as outbound flights. Note: we don't hold responsibility for the additional cost that may apply due to your failure to cross-check flight timings.

Dispatch of Travel Documents

The travel documentation will be forwarded to you via an email provided to us, and you must check whether you have received the correct documents and the accuracy of the information on them. Any changes that need to be incorporated should be informed to us at the earliest. If you do not contact us immediately, you are liable to pay additional fees as applicable.

Note: We will not send the travel documents to you via email till the time we receive full payment as mentioned in your booking confirmation email.


Some airlines provide you only with an electronic confirmation of the booking. When flying through an e-ticket route, you will be provided with a hard copy of the ticket, if requested.

All airline tickets are refunded depending upon our administration fee of up to £75 per ticket, regardless of the total number of tickets you cancel. You may get charged cancellation fees per ticket as imposed by the airline or the consolidator following the terms of use. In case, an airline ticket is refunded for an amount less than the above-mentioned charge, it may be considered void and becomes non-refundable. Up until the time we receive a refund from the airline, we cannot initiate your refund from our end. Usually, the airline refund takes around 4-5 weeks from the day of cancellation.

Scheduled Airline Failure Administration Fee

If you have a ticket(s) on a flight that may have failed due to insolvency or has stopped flying, there are chances you may recover the money paid for the booking with us. As per the details of the ATOL licence (No. 7458) provided by the Civil Aviation Authority to protect the customers, we make sure that our customers get a complete refund for loss or damage according to the limit mentioned below. At times due to solvency, the booked flight fails to take off. The money paid by the passenger is reimbursed for the part of your booking that is cancelled because of the airline's failure. To administer the claim of travellers, we charge a service fee.

Note: It is not an option, and the fee is added to the airfare of the airline booked through us.

Flight Changes

Any cancellations or relevant changes are according to the terms and conditions of the airline. As a result, you may be eligible for another flight on the same airline without an additional charge. Alternatively, you may take a different airline to your destination without any additional charges or pay the difference. You are also eligible to claim a complete refund if the flight changes. If there is a change in the itinerary before your arrival, or before ticket issuance (for a return or outbound flight), we bring it to your notice on behalf of the airlines.


The section applies to holiday packages booked through us as an online travel agency.

What’s a Package

A “holiday package” is when you book a set of the mentioned services at an all-inclusive price. The offered services in a package include:

  • Flights
  • Hotel
  • Transfers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any other tourist services that are not transport or accommodation.
The Contract

All bookings made through located on the Rear Ground Floor of Hygeia Building, 66-68 College Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA1 1BE, are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned here. Please check all the booking terms carefully before initiating the booking process. You acknowledge that the person booking is responsible for all other travellers mentioned in the booking.

Acceptance of Booking

We hold the right to change the content, information or published fares on our site before processing the booking. Before booking, our travel agent will inform you of the final booking price. If the offered price is approved by you, then confirm your booking.

Changes by You

After processing your booking, we try to make changes to your travel arrangements, if required. The request for any changes should be made via an email from your registered email ID. A fee of £25.00/ person with the booking amount difference applies to your new booking. According to some airlines, a name change on the ticket results in the cancellation of the ticket and may lead to rebooking. In this case, a 100% cancellation fee is applicable, depending on the airfare. Once the package is booked, for any changes in the accommodation or travel arrangements, we will try our best to make it happen without any guarantees. You are responsible for any additional costs or cancellation fees charged by the company and the service fee of the agent.

Changes by Us

We hold the right to make any changes to your travel package but at the same time, it is unlikely to happen. All your booking details are planned with the help of various independent service providers like hotels and airline carriers. Most changes made from our side are minor, and we inform you about the changes by us immediately. If we incorporate a major change to your bookings then, we inform you beforehand so that you can take an informed decision. Major changes include a change in accommodation (lower quality or less costly) or a change in flight timings (for 12 hours or more); a change of departure airport, etc. We specify the airlines on the invoice of the package booked with us. If there is a change in the airline booked after you receive the tickets, our agent will inform you at the earliest.

For any such change, you are offered three alternatives:

  • Travel packages of the same or similar fares and quality.
  • Travel packages of lower price and standard with a refund of the price difference.
  • Cancelled package with a full refund.


In all three situations, £40 per person is the minimum fee that is deducted as an administration fee, irrespective of the changes that are a result of a situation beyond our control. We will not compensate you for any paid service from our end that leads to changes to your travel package or revokes a booking due to any unforeseeable or unusual circumstances beyond our control. These situations comprise technical issues with transportation, changes in rescheduling or cancellation of flights applied by the airline, civil unrest, changes to the type of the aircraft or the airline, war or threat of war, unstable weather conditions, any natural disasters, terrorist activity, epidemics or industrial dispute.

Luxury or First Class hotels are our preference. Our assessment of a particular accommodation is subject to the hotel information, our opinion and your budget. The terms like suites, deluxe, etc. are the same as those used by the hotels. We don’t reserve control over the hotels we offer. There can be situations where the hotel we offer in the holiday package is not available. But if there is an availability of a similar accommodation, we will offer it with the refund option for the difference in tariff at the time of the booking completion.

Cancellation by You

If you or any of your travelling companions listed in the booking choose to cancel, it is your responsibility to notify us at the earliest. Any intimation given through telephone must be confirmed in a written format via email within 24 hours. The cancellation will take effect on the same day we receive the written confirmation. Within a week, you will receive the cancellation details and invoice and if you do not get it, contact us to avoid increased fares. Below is the chart showing the charges applied to booking cancellation.

56 - 30 days - 50% of the total holiday cost

29 - 15 days - 75% of the total holiday cost

14 - 1 days - 100% of the total holiday cost

There are some packages that cannot be changed, modified or altered. For the same, we levy a 100% cancellation fee. In such cases, our agent will inform you.

We recommend you purchase full insurance, as it covers you against cancellation fees and loss of deposit.

Note: When someone (not all travelling companions) cancel the holiday package booked with us, it may lead to additional charges payable by the existing travellers

Liability on us for your Holiday Package

We are responsible for every travel service we agreed to arrange under the terms of Package Holidays, Package Travel and Package Tours. Following these booking terms and conditions, if we or any of the suppliers provide certain travel services that we are not permitted to offer under the contract with you as mentioned on the booking confirmation, reasonable compensation will be issued to you by us. The compensation amount is calculated considering the necessary factor as per the procedure. Please note that if you have decided to raise a claim against us, you will be responsible to prove that our travel agent was negligent towards booking your holiday package.

2) No compensation is offered for injury, illness, damage, death, loss, cost, expense or claim for any description in case it occurs due to:

  • the act(s) of the affected person(s)
  • the exclusion(s) of an indirectly involved person not connected with the services that we were contacted.
  • unusual situations beyond our or our supplier(s) control.

3) We may refund if we are found responsible under any of the following clauses:

(a) Damage or/and loss of luggage, money or personal possession The maximum amount payable concerning such a claim will be the maximum that your insurance policy may pay for the loss or damage.

(b) Claims that are not applicable under (a) and that do not include injury, illness, or death The maximum amount payable concerning claims will be a figure twice the cost paid by or on behalf of the person affected in complete.

Note: the amount will only be refunded when the person affected has genuinely suffered a serious injury or death, and you or your companion are not given any benefit stated in the booking.

Delays, Missed Transport Arrangements and other Travel Information If you or your travel companions are unable to board the flight; or it has been cancelled, or you are delayed for over 3 hours due to any reason, you must contact us, the airline carrier at the earliest. According to Package Travel Regulations, you will be given assistance from our end at times of difficulties. In times, when you face any delay due to our or our employees negligence, we provide immediate assistance. Moreover, we do not hold you responsible for the refund of any cost or fees that you pay while making the necessary travel arrangements on your own without obtaining our prior consent.


Expeditions or small trips that book with us while on the holiday will not be a part of the agreement written with us. Therefore, for any excursion or tour your book is linked with the direct operator.

Contact Center Booking Service Fee

On a booking made through our contact centre we levy a service fee. The fees applied is higher than our online booking fee and starts from £10 to £200 per passenger. Our contact centre agents decide the service fee that they apply to your booking depending on the complexity of your booking.

Important Note: Our service fee is included in the taxes and fees displayed on the payment page and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES THAT ARE MADE TO OUR SERVICE FEE. Please review the final booking price before confirming your booking.